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During the conference "Powering the European Green Deal" organized by the industry consortium Electrification Alliance in Brussels, the new head of the energy department of the European Commission Ditte Juul-Jørgensen announced that the European Green Deal, which will be announced in early 2020, will implement a strategy to increase the share of electricity from RES in the EU energy mix.According to these assumptions, 53% of European electric energy demand is to be met by renewable and nuclear sources, which according to EC estimates, is to lead the EU to zero net emissions by 2050.The Commission also hopes that during the next European Council summit to be held on December 12, Poland will accept such a plan, due to the possibility of financing from the fair transition fund.In addition, Juul-Jørgensen has also turned her attention to cleaner fossil fuels, which she believes will have a role to play in generating electricity in the medium term:we need to distinguish different fossil fuels (...) They all have a significant carbon footprint, but if you compare greenhouse gas emissions from distinct types, there are differences. Gas emissions are lower than those of coal if we control methane leakage”.The Commissioner also acknowledged that the biggest obstacle to achieving transition is funding.At the moment, the European Commission has suggested two options for financing green transition: 25% of special climate financing in the next seven-year EU budget and special climate loans from the European Investment Bank, but the final decision has not yet been taken.