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According to the report “The Production Gap”, prepared by the United Nations together with a number of research and non-governmental organizations, the production of fossil fuels in the world is to be more strongly supported by governments than the green energy sector.The authors of the report estimate that to limit the temperature increase by 1.5 degrees each year, fossil fuel production would have to decline by 6% until 2030. At present, however, it is planned to increase the production of these fuels by 2% annually.The coal sector is still supported by the richest countries in the world and the EU. It turns out that the G20 countries in the name of recovery of economies after coronavirus pandemic, allocated a significant part of the money, it is over USD 230 billionto the fossil fuel sector, and only about USD 150 billion to the clean energy sector. The climate goals continue to diverge from the production of fossil fuels.