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In view of the changes that await Silesia region as a result of the implementation of the European Green Deal assumptions, scientists from the University of Silesia have set up the Just Transition Research Group, whose activity is to allow better preparation for the upcoming, undoubtedly difficult changes. As indicated by prof. Tomasz Pietrzykowski, vice-rector of the University and head of the Group, it is extremely important that the funds for the energy transition are used in a rational way:To avoid a situation in which this support divides into various types of accidental projects, it is particularly important to have them at their disposal to ensure that it is spent in a well-thought-out manner and that it actually has an effect. In the widespread declaration, whose creators are members of the Research Group, it can be read that decarbonisation is undoubtedly needed by the world and is a global challenge, but at the same time it is a huge risk for the Silesian region, as it means not only the energy, but also economic and social transiton.In addition, the Gropup’s members  highlighted the fact that the socially just transition of coal regions requires enormous financial outlays and an innovative, comprehensive plan:Its development and implementation should be accompanied by multifaceted diagnostic tests and the development of scenarios and models indicating the expected benefits and costs in accordance with the principles of rational public policy based on evidence and sound scientific knowledge.The efforts of the Just Transition Research Group may also be valuable for other coal regions that also face the challenge of transforming the economy, culture, habits or social values.