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Despite leaving the political structures of the European Union, Great Britain is legally obliged to further implement climate policy. Therefore, in order to determine the possibility of achieving British neutrality by 2050, the report "Absolute Zero" was created as part of the UK FIRES government research program. Researchers at the University of Cambridge and other British universities who are the authors of the report note that the only way to achieve zero net emissions by mid-century is to close all airports:Immediately, a real ban on air travel will be introduced across most of the country - says the report. In addition, the report envisages rapid and elementary changes in industrial processes as well as in British lifestyle. In addition to giving up air travel, the British should reduce emissions from heating their houses, furthermore, the report's authors recommend:using the heating for a shorter period of time in fewer rooms and wearing warmer clothes in winter. In order to achieve climate neutrality, the British should reduce their diet, as the report demands the elimination of meat consumption as well as the cessation of frozen food production. In agriculture, which will no longer produce meat, the use of fertilizers should be drastically reduced.The authors of the report finally recommend the building industry to completely abandon the use of cement due to high carbon dioxide emissions during its production. By 2050, a ban on importing products from abroad should be introduced until zero-emission maritime transport is developed.The above, somewhat unprecedented scenario of achieving climate neutrality seems extremely difficult to implement, as its introduction would require the application of radical changes in every aspect of British society lifestyle, which can significantly affect the freedom of functioning.