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While in Europe a decarbonisation policy is being conducted, the Russian government is preparing to develop the hard coal sector, which aims to guarantee security of supply within the country and strengthen the global position of the Russian economy.The current hard coal mining plan in Russia assumes that by 2025, extraction is expected to increase by up to 25%, which is about 560 million tons of raw material per year, while in 2030 extraction is expected to reach 590 million tons.The new project, on the other hand, assumes that extraction until 2035 is expected to range from 550 million tons to nearly 670 million tons of hard coal during the year.In 2018, the half, what is over 130 million tons of Russian coal was exported to European countries and to Turkey. In 2018, nearly 18 million tons of Russian hard coal were sent to Germany, which represents almost 30% of the total consumption of this country.