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A report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) regarding the amount of hard coal consumption in the energy sector shows that its global demand in 2018 increased by 1.1% and maintains the upward trend that began in 2017. This situation is a consequence of a 2% increase in energy production from coal, which at the same time means that coal remains the leading fuel and covers 38% of the global energy production mix.As a result of an increase in the average coal price by 60% compared to its quotations in 2016, coal trade increased by 4%, exceeding the size of 1.4 billion tonnes, and coal production increased by 3.3%.

According to Global Coal Exit List (GCEL) data, China remains the global leader in the coal sector.Chinese coal power plant projects account for 226.2 GW, which is the highest result in the world and at the same time is twice the installed capacity in India, and also exceeds the total sum of all coal capacities in the EU.Despite the fact that coal is currently criticized in many countries, it turns out that it still remains the leading fuel in the global energy production mix. This issue may affect the ineffectiveness of the implementation of pro-climate activities.