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Poland, as a participant in the Paris Agreement, declared its readiness to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, which translates into the implementation of many measures to reduce CO2 emissions and improve overall air quality, especially as part of the NAZCA (Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action) platform. Despite the fact that Poland is undertaking a number of measures for the pro-climatic transformation, the priority in this matter is first and foremost to carry it out in a manner that is as safe and beneficial as possible for the country's economy and Polish society.As Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, the Polish Minister of Funds and Regional Policy emphasizes, during the UN Global Compact 2020 Leaders' Summit: "this process must be gradual in our country so as not to hinder our economic growth and reduce energy security".In addition, the Minister draws attention to the fact that the process of energy transformation in Poland - compared to other countries, is an extremely difficult challenge, because the funds necessary to achieve neutrality by 2030 are about EUR 240 billion, i.e. twice as much as the average cost of transformation in The European Union.