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The European Commission, in order to stabilize the competitiveness of the economy, which is burdened with the EU climate policy, aims to introduce a carbon footprint tax on products from outside the European Union, the production of which is associated with high CO2 emissions.However, with the coronavirus pandemic hitting the economy, everyone's attention is now focused on fighting its economic effects rather than pro-climate measures, including the introduction of a carbon footprint tax.Although the new solution would ultimately be a source of financing to solve the problems caused by the pandemic, it seems that the current epidemiological situation may result in a decline in the importance of the initiative proposed by the EU. And the lack of this mechanism will result in a significant financial burden on the EU countries, which will not be competitive enough on the global market.Thus, there is a high probability that the carbon footprint tax, due to the pandemic situation or political resistance, will not be imposed on foreign partners, such as e.g. China or the USA. Everything indicates that the European Union will continue to conduct a lonely climate policy.