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During the ongoing COP25 climate summit in Madrid, the newspaper "El Confidencial" published information that informal leader of youth climate protests - Greta Thunberg is supported by:large financial funds and companies interested in eliminating the use of coal, (...) also affecting public opinion in the world and trying to influence individual governments’.In addition, the newspaper reveals that Greta Thunberg’s family is related to the European Climate Foundation (ECF) registered in Brussels aimed at successively implementing the assumptions of the Paris Agreement, which in turn has foundations of such concerns as: IKEA, Hewlett Packard or TCI fund, which has shares in Red Electrica and Enagas operating in the energy sector.On Friday, in connection with the ongoing summit, a demonstration under the leadership of Thunberg was to be held, in which the presence of thousands of environmentalists from over 850 organizations from around the world and Spanish youth was estimated.Meanwhile, after the information disclosed by the newspaper, both the manifesto and Greta Thunberg will not be supported by the Spanish authorities - the mayor Jose Luis Almeida and other representatives of the capital city hall are not going to meet the activist in Madrid.