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Global Energy Monitor reports that from the beginning of 2018 to mid-2019, nearly 43 GW of new coal capacity was built in China, and more than 120 GW is currently under construction. It is estimated that the total power of these sources may increase by even over 30%.At the beginning of this century, the capacity of coal-fired power plants in China was about 200 GW - at the moment nearly 1000 GW, while in the US the power of this type of generating units was reduced by nearly 20%, and in the European Union by 25%.What's more, China has significantly reduced investments in renewable energy sources, as at the beginning of 2017 over USD 70 billion was allocated for this purpose, and at the beginning of this year it was less than USD 30 billion.The shifting of industry from west to east, where the costs are not so high, is considered to be the conditioning of such dynamic development of coal energy in China.Therefore, in a territorial sense, Asia is responsible for emissions, while a significant proportion of these emissions come from the manufacture of products that are desirable on the European or American market.