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Paweł Sałek, adviser to the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda on environmental protection and climate policy was a guest of Bełchatów Power Plant, one of the largest 858 MW power unit in Poland.The power plant in Bełchatów is responsible for generating over 20% of the energy of the entire national power system, which is carried out while keeping up with the European environmental standards, because this unit meets all the conditions arising from EU directives in the field of reducing harmful emissions.According to the of president’s advisor production of electricity from coal is the basis for maintaining energy security and security of supply of the country. The Bełchatów power plant is a perfect example that one can successfully implement the mission of providing uninterrupted electricity to Polish citizens.A similar opinion on the operation of the Bełchatów coal power plant has PGE - the largest energy group in the country, believing that the Bełchatów mining complex and Power Plant is an element ensuring energy security while maintaining the standards of activities carried out in climate policy.